Boiler Systems

High Efficiency Boiler Installation & Repairs

Boiler Installation & RepairsA high efficiency condensing gas boiler installed by a Stone City Heat & Cooling professional and maintained with regular boiler service, gives your family the heating capacity of a modern furnace at a lower cost.

Benefits of a Boiler Heating System:

  • Zoning– You have the option of zoning temperature in your home and controlling it through the use of multiple zones saving you costs. A forced air system will not allow you to do this.
  • Healthy – A traditional forced air system moves around dust and allergens in your home. Those with asthma will benefit from a radiant system. Hydronic heating systems heat your home with water therefore creating a healthier environment.
  • In-floor heating – Imagine the luxury of having a warm kitchen or bathroom floor. In-floor heating has become a popular and efficient choice for new and renovated spaces.
  • Humidity – A Hydronic heating system does not dry your home, whereas a traditional forced air system may dry the air especially in the winter.
  • Efficiency – Although a hydronic radiant system is more expensive to install, the comfort and savings in the long term are often worth the initial investment. Water holds more heat than air does. As soon as air is heated it cools quickly therefore your furnace turns off and on all day long. With a boiler system it does not.

Boiler Maintenance & Repairs

It is imperative that your system be cleaned annually to prevent premature parts failure and diminished efficiency. Our service technicians are highly skilled, qualified boiler experts. Our commitment is that you have a safe, clean boiler and that the job is done right.